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Somewhere deep within the diverse collective of alt-country music lies the story-telling cadences of Frecko. Inspired by the romance of the Australian story, father and son duo Jason and Jack Freckelton create music that celebrate life's little moments. With songs about love, loss and the road, there's a Frecko song for everyone. Taking their live show to Tamworth in 2021, Frecko has quickly forged a reputation for performances full of spirit and honesty, celebrating their shared love of music together on the stage alongside their band.


Now back in the studio for their second album and under the guidance of the brilliant Lachlan Bryan, Frecko is gearing up for an even bigger Tamworth Country Music Festival in 2023. Having released three songs of their album already, including their live-show-favourite Good Times, Frecko is setting the scene for something special. Showcasing the dynamism of their song writing, Bury me Deep, tells the story of the forgotten rural towns of Australia and their struggle with drought, fires and flood in the face of political inaction. The song will soon feature in the Australian documentary Bone Dry. Frecko follows up Bury Me Deep with The Note, the tale of a doomed femme-fatale out for revenge, with jangled, spaghetti-western telecaster guitar riffs settling a dark scene. 

Be sure to follow Frecko on Facebook or Instagram to find out what they'll come up with next.  

Electronic Press Kit available on request.

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