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FRECKO are a father and son duo (Jason and Jack Freckelton), from the NSW Central Coast and the Inner West of Sydney.. The pair have found a unique musical bond based on a shared love of the Australian character, in all its forms and failures. . 


Jason’s journey into the world of music was quite humble when at16 he snagged a guitar from a garage sale which survived many holidays around a fire, singing of the days events with a simple 3 chord progression. 


When his son Jack was born, he inherited not only his father's love for the ocean but also a talent for music. At 10, Jack got his first guitar, and by 12 their passion for song ignited their musical partnership. Together, they navigated the local music scene, morphing from ‘The Leftovers’ to ‘3 and a Half Men’ before finding their stride as ‘The Grinning Bellhops’ by the time Jack turned 21.


In 2015, a pivotal moment arrived when they attended the DAG Sheep Station songwriters retreat in Nundle NSW, where encounters with industry veterans like Lachlan Bryan and Karl Broadie sparked a creative fire. With Broadie's guidance, they embarked on their debut album, navigating tragedy with the loss of their producer, Karl, halfway through production. From this creative cauldron emerged FRECKO, a testament to resilience and musical chemistry. Their debut album, released in 2016, marked a milestone in their journey, moving from pub performers to recording artists. 


In 2019, armed with a new collection of songs, FRECKO enlisted the talents of Lachlan Bryan and Damien Cafarella to craft their next album. 


Though the road has been winding, Jason and Jack remain steadfast in their dedication to their craft, embracing each challenge as an opportunity for growth. They take inspiration from artists including Jason Isbell, Bruce Springsteen and Paul Kelly. Their style, an  Americana meets Australian coastal feel, is a pretty unique take on the Australian Country Music music landscape.


FRECKO is set to release their album late 2024.


Today, FRECKO stands poised for their next chapter, their music a testament to the enduring power of family, stories, and the unwavering call of the outdoors.

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